Meet The Winemaker

Born in Los Angeles, Ronnie’s family moved to Exeter, a small farming community in the San Joaquin Valley when he was seven. His Grandfather Jack purchased a ten acre walnut grove and built three homes in order to “get the grandchildren out of the big city”. Although the property was more of a hobby farm, agriculture is a way of life in the town. After high school, Ronnie worked on farms of family and their friends while attending night classes at a local junior college, College of Sequoias. While chipping away on class credits, he also began waiting tables at a high profile Italian restaurant. It was a whole new approach to food and dining for him. This was the pivotal moment to his exposure to wine.

After several years, Ronnie completed his general education and earned valuable work experience. He was accepted into the College of Agriculture at the University of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and continued his work in restaurants and eventually managed and consulted for several. At the time, Cal Poly was in the early stages of establishing its current wine and viticulture programs. However, Ronnie was able to tailor his curriculum to complete course work in viticulture, fermentation, sales and marketing.

The most profound experience was managing for Chef Wilhelm Hoppe. As a mentor, Chef constantly reminded him of all the potential the Central Coast offered, referring to it as one of the “last frontiers” for food and wine. After Cal Poly, Ronnie was hired as a wine specialist for a large wine and spirit distributor, Young’s Market Company and soon after was promoted into a newly formed fine wine division, The Estates Group. Although the portfolio was slim of local producers, it was rich with some of finest from Europe and allowed Ronnie the opportunity to travel and meet elite producers around the world. Not only did this develop his palate stylistically, but exposed him to a different winemaking philosophy than commonly found in California.

Currently, Ronnie works for a well-established winery supply company, Scott Laboratories. This has given him a unique technical point of view as well as deep rooted relationships throughout the Central Coast wine community. Combining his experience and education, he has strived to make wines that are balanced in ripeness, acidity and alcohol. TruWinCo wines showcase a European philosophy with the unique characteristics of premium California grapes. They are enhanced by the food, benefit the meal and make lasting memories.

Remember, Live Life to the Fullest and Bē Trū.